NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers Need To Rebuild

Updated: Feb 5

The Los Angeles Lakers (24-27, 9th In The Western Conference) have been an abysmal team all season. Aside from Lebron's heroic efforts to carry this elderly team of Hall Of Famers and young misfits is admirable but pointless. Anthony Davis is overpaid and overrated. Russell Westbrook should've stayed in DC with Bradley Beal. Carmelo Anthony should've stayed in Portland. Kendrick Nunn has been injured ever since he became a Laker. Avery Bradley is one step away from a retirement home. The list goes on and I'm ready to see the Lakers destroy this current franchise at the Trade Deadline and rebuild the roster for the future. It's clear to me and many of my media colleagues that "King James" is no longer playing for NBA Championships. LeBron James is playing for his Legacy. That includes elite Stat Padding and breaking records of NBA Legends. As a student of the game, I'm more interested in watching the new era of elite talent take over the league. Ja Morant is becoming everything Russell Westbrook should've been. Lonzo & LaMelo Ball are becoming everything their father Lavar Ball said they would eventually become. Ultimately, I believe it's about time for the "Lebron James Era" to come to an end. Will the Los Angeles Lakers win another NBA Championship with LeBron? No. Will the Lakers actually make the playoffs this season? It will take a miracle of a trade or a signing of an impactful free agent to make that a realistic possibility. Will LeBron James ever catch the "Ghost Of MJ"? No, but he will still be highly regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

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