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NFL: No Preseason, More Injuries?

With COVID-19 changing the entire world of sports, we has sports fans have to be grateful for anything the Professional Sports Leagues can offer. However, after 2 weeks of the NFL, I noticed a significant increase in leg injuries. According to ESPN, the NFL experienced multiple Torn ACLs and other leg injuries in just one Football Sunday. The New York Giants Lost RB Saquon Barkley(ACL), The San Francisco 49ers Lost QB Jimmy G (High Ankle Sprain), DE Nick Bosa(ACL) & RB Raheem Mostert (Knee) in just one game vs the New York Jets. In my opinion, these injuries would’ve most likely happened faster if the NFL kept preseason games this year. It‘s unfortunately part of the intensity of the sport. I will say that the pandemic may have altered off-season training and conditioning, so elite players may not have been fully ready for the regular season competition. Contending Teams like the 49ers will definitely struggle to make it back to the Super Bowl this season. On behalf of the GTA Sports Insiders we wish all the injured NFL Players a healthy & speedy recovery.

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