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NFL: Colts Will Most Likely Go 8-8

As an Indianapolis Native, I hate to even have to write this article. The Indianapolis Colts signed Philip Rivers to a 1yr, $25 Million Dollar contract during the 2020 offseason. This move automatically put Rivers in the driver’s seat and pushed Current Starting QB Jacoby Brissett to the passenger seat. I’m sure most NFL analysts will say that due to Brissett ending the season 7-9 (3-3 in the AFC South) and missing the NFL Playoffs led to this swift decision. However, I feel the need the break down why this move crippled the Colts chances at another Super Bowl anytime soon. Rivers finished the 2019-2020 season with 23 Touchdowns and 20 Interceptions leading the Los Angeles Chargers absolutely nowhere. In Rivers’ 16 seasons with the Chargers, he has yet to prove to the NFL world that he‘s capable of winning a championship with his Throwing Ability. I would consider him streaky at best. Not to mention he’s a pocket passer only. Brissett is a young Dual Threat with room for improvement. In my opinion, if I’m Jacoby, I’m on the phone with my agent in search of a new home where my youth and talent are appreciated and not wasted or simply tolerated.

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