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NBA: Who Can Save The Knicks?

Ok look if you read the title and expected this to be nothing more than just another slander piece on the NBA‘s Most Valuable Franchise (Currently Worth $4.4 Billion) I’m here to remind that GTA Sports Network is about giving a spotlight to teams and players making moves under the radar. The New York Knicks (#13 In The East 17-38) Have held the title for the worse franchise in the NBA for nearly a decade. The days of Carmelo Anthony & Jeremy Lin carrying the Knicks to the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals are long gone. This franchise has no choice but to rebuild and hope the “Basketball Gods” Give New York’s most humiliated fanbase something to believe in. In 2020, die hard Knick fans are beginning to crossover leaving the memories in Madison Square Garden for the entertainment (And Kyrie Drama) in the Brooklyn Nets‘ Barclays Center. Keep in mind the Nets (#7 in the East, 25-28) are still pat waiting for 2x NBA Champion Kevin Durant to return from a ruptured Achilles injury he suffered in the 2019 NBA Finals vs Kawhi Leonard & the Toronto Raptors. Recently, Knicks owner Jim Dolan fired GM Steve Mills, Hired former CAA Sports Agent Leon Rose & also Music Executive & Brand Ambassador Steve Stoute to hopefully rebuild the tarnished brand known as the New York Knicks. However, Stoute made some interesting statements during his recent visit to ESPN’s First Take hosted by Stephen A. Smith & Max Kellerman. As an avid viewer of their show, I can honestly say that Stephen A. & Max easily baited Stoute into his rant about what Dolan needs to do to turn the Knicks around. instead of focusing on his position as a Brand Ambassador, Steve Stoute allowed his emotions as a die hard fan of the Knicks cause him to state that Dolan needs to fire current interim Head Coach Mike Miller and hire someone with more experience. This interview was quickly followed up with a press release from the Knicks stating that Steve Stoute’s remarks are not a reflection of the overall Franchise. The Team also stated that Stoute‘s role with the team does not involve staffing decisions. In my opinion, not only did Steve Stoute almost lose his job on his first press run, but he also exposed the fact that the Knicks are in fact making moves but didn’t want Stoute to expose those moves prematurely to the media. The New York Knicks have been at the bottom of the league for so long that the league and the media is somewhat used to slandering the Franchise. However, with young prospects like Rookie RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox, Allonzo Trier, Mitchell Robinson & Julius Randle, the Knicks have a promising future roster. However, the coaching staff and front office needs a complete rebuild from the ground up. Thankfully, Since I’m not on Dolan’s payroll I can say all of this and not worry about the Knicks releasing a statement on my point of view.

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