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NBA: The Road To Orlando

With the July 30th date officially set, the NBA seemed ready to reset and resume the 2019-2020 NBA Season where it left off due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that nearly shut the world down for 3 months. Disney World was the destination, 22 teams were selected to finish the season strong and for almost a week, the league had the world grabbing their popcorn and making sure their NBA League Passes & Cable subscriptions were all paid up.

However, the sudden murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer derailed the celebration before NBA Teams could officially book their flights to Orlando. What once seemed like a unified effort by elite players to resume their all but lost season , quickly became a hot topic with two sides unable to fully come to an agreement.

One side led by former NBA Champion— close friend of George Floyd, Stephen Jackson; NBA Champion Kyrie Irving & big man Dwight Howard whom do not want to resume the season, due to what was deemed a “lack of true support” for the “Black Lives Matter” movement from NBA team owners.

The other side led by NBA Champion LeBron James, who wants to resume the season and believes basketball won’t distract or disrupt the progress that has been made thru peaceful protests and demonstrations.

In my opinion, I believe we all know why LeBron is doing everything he can to play ball: This season is not only his 17th season in the NBA. This season is his best chance at capturing his 4th NBA Championship. Kevin Durant is still inactive from his Achilles injury, Kyrie had season ending shoulder surgery, Klay & Steph are out of the playoffs due to injuries & the Los Angeles Lakers have the 2nd best record in the league behind the Milwaukee Bucks. LeBron knows that if he misses this championship window, then he could possibly never see a championship again; so I understand his desperation.

However, I do believe that if the NBA season doesn’t resume July 30th, the league could rip up the current Collective Bargaining Agreement which would lead to another NBA lockout cancelling the 2020-2021 season. Contracts have obligations that need to be met between Owners & Players. The reality is this is a “Player’s League” which means they have the power to make or break the NBA‘s revenue streams.

To put it in simple terms...Finanical Warfare is on the horizon if the players & owners don’t come to an agreement by July 30th.

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