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NBA: Steph Curry “Last Man Standing”

The Golden State Warriors Dynasty has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for the Bay Area. From grinding through the “We Believe” Era Of Baron Davis, Jason Richardson & Stephen Jackson to sending away young superstar Monte Ellis to build a franchise around their 2009 7th Overall Draft Pick Stephen Curry & 2011 11th Overall Drat Pick Klay Thompson to form what we now know as “The Splash Bros”, nobody could predict that the Warriors would become the 2015 NBA Champions beating a severely injured Cleveland Cavaliers forming a rivalry versus King James that would lead to 4 straight NBA Finals appearances for each team. After losing to LeBron’s Cavaliers In The 2016 NBA Finals, The Warr knew they needed help defeating the King. However, signing 2014 MVP Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder was completely unexpected and in most cases unfair to the entire league. This team went from the bottom of the Western Conference to becoming unstoppable overnight that summer, winning back to back Championships in 2017 & 2018 against King James & the Cleveland Cavaliers. 2019 was their season to reach Michael Jordan’s Bulls & Shaq & Kobe’s Los Angeles Lakers In NBA history by acheiving the coveted “3-Peat”. Unfortunately, the Warriors didn’t prepare for adversity within the franchise. Rifts between former Defensive powerhouse Draymond Green & Kevin Durant early in the season would eventually boil over into media view and Kevin Durant’s Free Agency Decision was an unsolved mystery that led to speculation all season long. The 2019 NBA Playoffs was full of drama due to the injury bug plaguing the Warriors. Andre Iguodala (Calf Strain), Kevin Looney (Fractured Rib) & Kevin Durant (Calf Strain) battled through and missed games throughout the Playoffs. Nonetheless, the Golden State Warriors reached the NBA Finals for their 5th consecutive season. The Toronto Raptors, who barely defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in a Epic Game 7, were at full strength and highly motivated to dethrone the Defending Champs and bring Canada it’s first NBA Championship. Kevin Durant, who at this very moment in his career was widely viewed as the best player on the Warriors roster, finally played in Game 5 of the NBA Finals to try and save the Warriors from elimination scored 11 points in 13 mins before rupturing his Achilles. Klay Thompson tore his ACL in Game 6, leaving Steph Curry and his supporting cast to try to stop the Raptors. Unfortunately, Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasoline, Pascal Siakam, Kyle Lowry & Danny Green proved to be too much for the injured Warriors to overcome losing 4-2 in the 2019 NBA Finals. Fast forward to the offseason, the Golden State Warriors are moving to Chase Arena in San Francisco without Kevin Durant Who decided to go to the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving & Klay Thompson who will be rehabilitating his ACL until possibly after the 2020 NBA AllStar Break. This leaves former Unanimous MVP Steph Curry as the Last Man Standing from what many NBA Analysts defined as one of the greatest Dynasties In NBA History. In my opinion, I believe the 2020 NBA Season Curry will seek revenge on a league he may feel has doubted him and tried to count him out. We may see a full return to MVP form in Steph Curry just to prove to the League that the Golden Stats Warriors refuse to fade out quietly. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming 2020 NBA season has to offer.

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