• Amirah King/Ty Slatter

NBA: “South Beach Bringing The Heat”

New Year, New Competition. The NBA’s Eastern Conference has been widely considered the weaker conference for the last decade. However, as the NBA approaches the 2020 All-Star Break, I feel the need to let the Basketball World know that the Miami Heat are currently #3 In The East Sitting Comfortably at 25-9. The team led by All Star Jimmy Butler have officially put the league on notice as a threat that could possibly upset the top 5 Teams in the East. The Boston Celtics (#2 in the East 23-8) & The Milwaukee Bucks (#1 in the East 31-5) have to take this reinvigorated Miami Heat seriously. They missed the 2019 NBA Playoffs last season by only one game. With Rising Stars Bam Adebayo & Myers Leonard supplying consistent Big Man production, Rookies Tyler Herro & Kendrick Nunn challenging each other for 2020 Rookie Of Year honors, veterans Goran Dragic & Kelly Olynyk maintaining the winning culture, led by Championship Head Coach Eric Spoelstra & Legendary Head Coach Pat Riley I believe this franchise will make a great Playoff Run this season. Nobody wants to give Jimmy Butler credit but every team he’s been on in the last 3 Seasons made the NBA Playoffs. In my opinion, he’s the closer they needed in the post-Wade Era. With good health and wise leadership, I can see the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals for years to come!

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