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NBA: Rockets “Failure To Launch”

As expected, the Los Angeles Lakers won the Western Semifinals Series vs the Houston Rockets 4-1 119-96. Before you even think I’m about to give LeBron James all the credit (29pts/11rebs/7ast), I’ll be one of the first to tell you the Rockets lost this series before the Bubble. Trading away Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook Was a lopsided trade to say the least. I get it Chris Paul is older and less explosive. However, Westbrook plays erratic and less than streaky whether he’s injured or not. I’ve been saying this all season but now it’s inevitable: Head Coach Mike D’Antoni has to be fired. His style of offense mixed with part time defense and lack of a rebounding Center (PJ Tucker & Robert Covington are NOT the solution) will not win a franchise the NBA Championship. Every NBA team D’Antoni has coached had Regular Season success and individual accolades, but no rings. in my opinion, Houston needs to break the entire roster down and rebuild from the foundation up. If James Harden doesn’t appreciate the potential new Head Coach, trade him away and start fresh from scratch. This Franchise needs to reset or else they will get left in the Wild Wild West.

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