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NBA: Pacers “Victor’s Revenge”

The Indiana Pacers (#6 in the East, 36-24) are currently on a 3 game winning streak. In those Wins, Oladipo has improved his scoring from 8 Pts to 15 Pts to 19 Pts. Fans of Victor have to continue to be patient with his return on the court after missing a year of action due to his ruptured quad tendon. Victor has said it’s hard to go from an all star to a role player. However, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his team a top 4 finish in the Eastern Conference. In my opinion, the Pacers can finish 4th in the East due to the Philadelphia 76ers (#5 in the East, 37-23) falling apart with Embiid & Simmons out with injuries, Horford looking more like a trade asset this summer, Head Coach Brett Brown possibly losing his job soon & overall lack of offensive identity. The only other team in the Pacers way of a 4th seed is the young and hungry Miami Heat (#4 in the East, 38-22) led by Jimmy Butler. I believe that once Oladipo gets back to 100% the Pacers will be able to get out of the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs. My words of wisdom to my fellow Pacer Nation: “Can’t Rush Greatness, Got to Have Patience.”

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