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NBA: New Season, Same Reason?

With the 2020 Presidential Election currently being dragged out from Election Day Tuesday Nov.4th all the way to Friday Nov. 7th (Biden is winning at the time of this article), It’s nice to know that the NBA has completed its own voting process in a timely manner that met their Friday Nov. 7th deadline. December 22nd will be the official start date of the 2020-2021 NBA Season. The NBA Board Of Governors & The NBPA are currently ironing out the details regarding the current CBA and Revenue Plans to rebuild lost income due to lack of ticket sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. In my opinion, this decision was the best choice for the league. If they decided to start in January 2021, not only would the league lose up to $1B in revenue, but the current Collective Bargaining Agreement would be destroyed which would lead to NBA players losing their 50/50 share of league profits. I’m sure most of the veteran players may have wanted a holiday break but the NBA’s television contract has to be fulfilled (72 Games Minimum) and the upcoming NBA season can’t afford to run into the 2021 Olympics this summer.

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