• Amirah King/Ty Slatter

NBA: Nets “The Brooklyn Way”

The Brooklyn Nets (#7 in the East, 30-34) recently fired Head Coach Kenny Atkinson. After helping rebuild the culture & developing the franchise through multiple losing seasons, the team changed direction once NBA Champions Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant we’re signed in 2019 Free Agency. The reality of this move is that there are two types of Coaches: Championship Coaches & Development Coaches. Atkinson was a great developmental coach that revived a dying franchise. However, Nets GM Sean Marks made the executive decision to move on from Atkinson since the team has outgrown Atkinson’s leadership. In my opinion, I’m not surprised that Atkinson was moved out before the end of this NBA Season. KD & Kyrie definitely are in search of a championship coach. MJ went from playoff elimination with Doug Collins to 6 Rings with Phil Jackson. This move was calculated. However, I don’t see KD & Kyrie Winning any rings together in the future due to their personality issues & lack of leadership. They may be friends now but only time will tell if their friendship will survive on the court when adversity strikes.

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