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NBA: Nash, D'Antoni & Stoudemire "Chip Or Bust"

2020 has been the NBA's Edition of "The Twilight Zone". Players are definitely getting traded, Head Coaches are getting fired and rehired, and COVID-19 has the league's revenue streams at risk. According to multiple league sources, the NBA lost over 1.5 Million in revenue due to COVID-19 causing arenas to not allow fans to attend live games to finish the the 2019-2020 NBA Season. However, one franchise has been quietly building their future throughout this entire season. The Brooklyn Nets hired 2x MVP and Hall Of Fame Point Guard Steve Nash to become their new Head Coach. Steve's first moves as the new Coach: Hires former teammate Amare Stoudemire & former 2x Coach Of The Year Mike D'Antoni as another assistant for his Coaching Staff. In my opinion, the Brooklyn Nets will be entertaining to watch. When you have a healthy 2x Champion Kevin Durant & NBA Champion Kyrie Irving leading your offense, The only red flags I see that haven't been addressed are the lack of defense and lack of leadership. Kyrie has failed to show leadership on 3 young and talented NBA Teams (Cleveland, Boston & Brooklyn), Kevin had to join a 73-9 Golden State Warriors team just to win back to back titles (Same Warriors team that beat his OKC Thunder in WCF), Steve Nash, Stoudemire & D'Antoni essentially created the "7 Seconds Of Offense" in Phoenix that won back to back regular season MVPs for Nash, Coach Of The Year for D'Antoni but couldn't win a Championship. I made my early predictions on @GTAHeatCheck a few months ago: Brooklyn will be a contender but I don't see them beating the Celtics, Heat or Bucks past the Eastern Conference Finals without buying into playing solid defense. However, if they do make it the NBA Finals in the next couple years I don't see the Nets beating a healthy Warriors, Lakers, Nuggets, Clippers, Blazers, Jazz, or Mavericks Team if those Western powerhouses don't break down and rebuild in the next couple seasons.

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