NBA: Kyrie vs The World

I Know What You‘re Thinking. Another Sports Article Bashing Kyrie Irving Until He Gets Vaccinated Right? Well Before You Make That Mistake Of Assuming, I’ll Let You Know Right Now That The Man Behind This Article Is Unvaccinated. I’m Not Only Saying This To Encourage But To Influence People To Be Proactive Instead Of Reactive. To Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones To COVID-19 I Understand The Fear Can Push Many Towards The Vaccine. Howeve, I Also Understand That A Healthy Immune System Can Fight Off The Virus Better Than The Shots Can. I Believe That People Like Kyrie & Myself Simply Want More Information On Why This Vaccine Is Being Mandated Unlike Any Other Vaccine In Recent History. The Fact That The Mainstream Media Is Attempting To Crucify Kyrie Irving For Standing On His Principals & Refusing To Be Pressured Into Taking The Vaccine Is Absolutely Disrespectful. I Believe The NBA & The New York City Officials Will Eventually Lift The Current Covid-19 Mandates & Allow Unvaccinated Players To Play Again. If Not, I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Kyrie Irving Retires Until The League Makes Those Changes.

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