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NBA: How The Milwaukee Bucks Lost This Season Before Miami

As a fan of Giannis Antetokounmpo & The Milwaukee Bucks the last few seasons, I can honestly say their 2nd Round 4-1 Sweep Vs the Miami Heat was almost premeditated. One key player from the 2019-2020 MVP Season didn’t return after the Eastern Conference Finals exit vs the Kawhi-Led Toronto Raptors: Former Rookie of the Year Malcom Brogdon. Instead of moving role players around the adjust the salary to be able to pay the Free Agent, they traded him to the Indiana Pacers for a cheaper version in Wesley Matthews. In my opinion, I would’ve kept the 50-40-90 Club Production of Brogdon and still acquired Matthews for the Bench Production. I’m not saying that just one player makes a difference from a ECF Knock Out to A Eastern Semifinals 4-1 sweep Though. The next issue that must be addressed is Coach Bud’s stale offense. Running every play through Giannis may work during regular season battles. However, the Playoffs requires offensive creativity. The Miami Heat simply watched film from the 2019 ECF matchup and applied the “Wall Zone” defense that the Raptors used to stop Giannis from driving to the basket. Once you eliminate his drive, he’s forced to take low percentage shots and make more playmaking decisions that don’t fit his game. He doesn’t have Anthony Davis handles which leads to more turnovers and wasted shot clock. Overall, these two postseason exits should put Coach Bud in the “Hot Seat” because he’s yet to prove that his leadership can advance his MVP & DPOY to the Championship Round. As far as the front office goes they have to acquire a Chris Paul this offseason or another superstar to pair with Giannis or he’s on the phone with Pat Riley getting his South Beach plan in motion for the 2021 Free Agency.

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