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NBA: Harden’s Next Move?

With the Houston Rockets once again underachieving by getting bounced out of Round 2 by LeBron James & The Los Angeles Lakers, it was a forgone conclusion that Head Coach Mike D’Antoni was leaving the Rockets. With the Coaching Position vacant, the offensive system will evolve as well. What most of the NBA media is struggling to understand is how does Harden feel about D’Antoni declining a chance to return? It was reported that the Rockets offered D’Antoni is contract earlier in the season but he declined the offer. Harden‘s last decade with D‘Antoni have been widely considered his most productive and record breaking of his career. With reports that the Philadelphia 76ers are pursuing D’Antoni to replace Brett Brown, the NBA world has already made the assumption that Elton Brand wants D’Antoni to pursuade Harden to bring his talents to Philly. In my opinion, Harden will never win a championship in the Western Conference due to his style of play only translating during the regular season. However, if Philly trades Joel Embiid and some Draft Picks For A Harden & D’Antoni reunion in Philly, I could see the Sixers making the Eastern Conference interesting. KD & Kyrie would have to make sure the Brooklyn Nets are on point, Giannis Antetokounmpo & The Milwaukee Bucks would have to upgrade their roster’s Star Power. Overall, Harden would make the Eastern Conference more competitive.

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