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NBA: Coronavirus Suspension

Let me start this off with prayers going out to all the families affected by this Coronavirus sweeping across the world. On behalf of the GTA Sports Family everyone is doing just fine. As a Basketball Fan, it took me a couple days to process the fact that the league had to suspend the remainder of the season to give the nation adequate time to control the widespread of the Covid-19 Virus. As a Basketball Analyst, I’ve had many people ask me “With nearly all sports leagues suspended or postponed, what will you & GTA Sports talk about now?” For the 1st time in 3 years, I initially didn’t have an answer. For a few days, I contemplated what’s the next move for GTA Sports? Unlike ESPN & Fox Sports, I didn’t want to become another source for “Coronavirus Updates”. I’ll let mainstream media continue to promote fear towards their viewers. The reality of the situation is that until the season resumes, The GTA Sports Team will Take this time to rebuild, reset & bounce back stronger than ever. If you haven’t already subscribe to the official GTA Sports Network Youtube Channel, Follow @GTASportsnet on Twitter, @GTASportsNetwork on Instagram & lastly you can follow me everywhere @TySlatter. Thank you for all of your support and your patience during these trying times.

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