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NBA: Carmelo Anthony “One More Chance”?

If you was born after 2003, then you may not know who Carmelo Anthony was in his prime during his tenure with the Denver Nuggets and his tenure with the New York Knicks. The 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, 2003 NCAA Champion from Syracuse deserves another chance to chase an NBA Championship. Despite multiple media narratives being driven against Carmelo, the Perennial NBA All Star finally decided to set the record straight and essentially plea his case live with Career long friend Stephen A Smith On Friday’s special edition of ESPN‘s First Take. In my opinion, the NBA has forced a fallen superstar out of the league who hasn’t been given a fair chance to contribute to a true playoff contender due to his individual accolades & accomplishments. Carmelo Anthony may have missed his window for a Championship in the past decisions He made. I can’t be mad at Melo for choosing To “secure the bag” versus leaving a legacy. His overall body of work has secured him a first ballot in the Basketball Hall Of Fame, but his hunger and desire for an NBA Championship leaves Carmelo no choice but to beg and plea the League for one more chance to show and prove that Carmelo Anthony is more than just a old school scoring machine.

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