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NBA: Bradley Beal “Deal Or No Deal?”

After dropping a career high 53 Pts in a 117-126 loss to the Chicago Bulls (#10 in the East, 20-38) on Sunday, then dropping 55 Pts in an Overtime loss to the Milwaukee Bucks (#1 in the East, 49-8) I felt the need to ask this question: “Can Someone Please Help Bradley Beal?” Bradley is shooting the lights out in Capital One Arena in the Nation’s Capital DC: Averaging 30 Pts per game, 33% from 3pt & 84% from the Charity Stripe. Social Media has even begun a #FreeBradleyBeal Movement in hope to get the elite Point Guard traded out Of the “dumpster fire” franchise known as the Washington Wizards. Unfortunately for the fans of Beal’s All-Star talents, the 26 year old PG signed a 2 year extension to remain A Wizard In hopes of being able to play with his former NBA All-Star partner John Wall who’s been out the last couple seasons due to rehab on his torn Achilles. The Wizards franchise seems to have been on pause since Wall‘s absence, being unable to make an impactful playoff run since the former Kentucky Wildcat has touched an NBA court. In my opinion, as much as I hate seeing undeniable talent go to waste, I have to keep it real and respect the move Bradley Beal made. Signing the 2yr extension with Washington was an obvious “Money Over Legacy” decision. However, in the postgame interview Beal admitted that he doesn’t like scoring career highs in back to back losses. This could possibly be early signs of “buyer’s remorse” so I wouldn’t be surprised if Beal’s name remains in trade talks for the next couple seasons. He deserves a fair chance to win a championship on an actual franchise competing for rings. I say that knowingly embracing the reality that even after John Wall returns, the Washington Wizards aren’t winning any titles anytime soon.

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