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Kevin Durant Gives Nets Trade Ultimatum

After a summer long series of trades and rumors swirling about where some of the top players in the NBA might land, Kevin Durant (KD) has by far been the biggest question mark of them all.

The Nets power forward most recently requested a trade or for the front office to fire Head coach Steve Nash and General manager Sean Marks. Talk about a gutsy play, but in my opinion, players should have say so on where they want to go especially since it is their league. They put all the time in on the court and deserve the right to play on a team that is built to last and contend with others at a championship level. As a big time KD fanatic I dream of the day when he’ll return to the Thunder with Westbrook and Harden by his side but only time will tell. In the meantime be on the lookout of where this superstar will land and how the league continues to evolve with a player first mentality.

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