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A Few Words From GTA Sports...

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Let me start this by saying on behalf of the GTA Sports family thank you to all of our supporters for patiently waiting and riding with us through this Covid-19 journey! As promised, GTA Sports took the last few months to revamp, reset & rebuild the entire company.

As of May 2020, GTA Sports is officially a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This means that we are officially a state approved Black Owned Business! With the NBA scheduled to return July 31st & the NFL around the corner, expect to see more sports content going forward. We are also in the early stages of building our roster. Photographers, Videographers, Sports Writers, Analysts, Graphic Designers, Reporters, Producers....We want to build with You!

Email your resumes today — and become a part of a team that will make history !

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